Waldorfeszt is a grassroots outdoor festival that lasts several days and is open to everyone. We created Waldorfeszt to share our values we learnt and acquired at school and also to combine them with exciting ideas, values and initiatives.

Our goal is to create a peaceful, cultural environment where anyone is welcome to join the discussion, share their views and come to know young artists and non-governmental organizations.

In order to organise our events and realise our endeavours, in January, 2018 we registered our own NGO called Rügy Egyesület (Sprout Association).

This was us in 2018!

Help us turn summer on!


Summer just would not be the same for us without Waldorfeszt. However, in order to get to enjoy it in 2019, we need your help! Each year, we work on organising Waldorfeszt in our free-time as volunteers, a process which requires lots of time and energy. Additionally, we are also in need of the financial background that would enable us to begin making arrangements. Without an adequate budget, we will not be able to organise Waldorfeszt in 2019.

Nevertheless, we are determined to carry on! We wish to sing folk songs together and dance barefoot while listening to great concerts, meet a talk to new people and friends, and watch breathtaking sunsets lying in the grass with all of you. We are longing for Waldorfeszt 2019!

Year after year, we get to spend three days at Zebegény in the spirit of openness and tranquillity. Please, do support us and help us make it happen all over again, in 2019!

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You can support us by sending us your donation via bank transfer.

International Bank Account Number: 16200230 - 10021842 Bank: Magnet Bank Account Holder: Varga Balázs
Please include the following information in the payment reference field:

  • the word 'donation'
  • your name
  • your email address

An example of a payment reference field:
Donation, Daniel Danube, ddanieldanube@gmail.com

Help us turn summer on!

1.000 HUF

Category Hegyes-tető

5.000 HUF

Category Nagy-Hideg-hegy

10.000 HUF

Category Csóványos

In exchange for your contribution, we offer you a day pass for a day of your choice so you can have a taste of the atmosphere.

20.000 HUF

Category Börzsöny

In exchange for your contribution, we offer you a pass valid for the whole duration of the festival.


For donations exceeding 20.000 HUF, we can offer you passes and day passes corresponding to the sum put to our disposition.


500.000 HUF

We are able create a calm and suitable work environment. Such setting is inevitable for our effective and efficient preparatory work.

750.000 HUF

Our NGO Rügy Egyesület entails legal expenses. If we had this sum at our disposition, these costs could be covered, as well as the maintenance of Rügy Egyesület for the whole year.

1.000.000 HUF

Had we such a budget, programmes for our small stage could be funded and we would be able to invite many exciting bands.

1.500.000 HUF

Currently, we have approximately 1.500-2.000 followers on social media. If each follower donated 1000 HUF, we would have a budget of at least 1.5 million HUF. Not only would this give the festival financial stability, but it would also enable us to safely continue working towards Waldorfeszt 2019!

Here is how much you have contributed so far:

(Last updated: 2019.02.13)

182.064 HUF